Teeth Whitening

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But first, Coffee.

If you share the same morning routine, or enjoy sipping on red wine to wind down after work, you may find your teeth becoming more dull and yellow over time. Book an appointment today to restore your sparkly smile with our gentle teeth whitening treatment.

What do you use to whiten teeth?

We use carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide gels to create a chemical reaction (oxidation) in the tooth enamel and break apart staining compounds. The result? A brighter and whiter smile.

What is the teeth whitening procedure like?

  • In-office whitening — We will first apply a special gel (OpalDam Green) to cover and protect your gums before applying the whitening gel on your teeth. Next, we apply the Opalescence Boost, a whitening gel containing a 40% hydrogen peroxide concentration. The whitening gel also contains potassium nitrate and fluoride, which are proven to help reduce tooth sensitivity and prevent tooth decay. Opalescence Boost’s whitening effect is activated when the chemicals within the gel interact so no light or laser is required. The procedure is completed after approximately 1 hour.

  • Take-home whitening kit — First, we create a customized whitening tray from an impression of your teeth. The whitening gel has a 20% carbamide peroxide concentration and also contains potassium nitrate and fluoride, which are proven to help reduce tooth sensitivity. Every day, the gel is loaded in the tray, then placed over the teeth and worn for 2 - 4 hours. Each time the trays are removed, your teeth should be brushed gently to remove any excess gel. You may repeat daily until your desired results are achieved.

What is the difference between In-Office Whitening and Take-Home Whitening Kit?

The in-office whitening is carried out by our experienced dentists and we use a higher concentration of whitening agent. Hence, the same teeth whitening effect may be achieved in a shorter period of time compared to using the take-home whitening kit.

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