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Damon Clear braces are virtually invisible and offer kids and adults fast, comfortable orthodontic treatment with extraordinary results. Compare it to Invisalign and see how Damon Clear braces are MORE than meets the eye. For more information about Damon Clear, visit http://ormco.com/index/damon-products-damonclear

How do Damon Braces work?

The Damon Bracket was designed by an American orthodontist. It has a 'sliding door' mechanism which holds the wire passively and allows the wire to move easily with minimal friction (example on the right). This type of bracket is also known as ‘self-ligating’ and eliminates the use of rubber bands to hold the wire in place (example on the left).

The following bracket types are available at our clinic:

  • Damon Q - made with stainless steel

  • Damon Clear - made with Polycrystalline alumina (PCA) material which is resistant to staining from coffee, mustard, red wine, and other agents.

What are the benefits of the Damon Bracket & Damon Copper Ni-Ti® Wire System?

  • The Damon system exerts low, gentle forces on your teeth

  • The Damon system is aesthetically-pleasing as there are no rubber modules which could stain and collect bacteria.

  • The smooth and rounded bracket contours are more ergonomic and comfortable to wear

  • Wire changes are comfortable because of the innovative SpinTek™ slide, which produces zero Newton of force when opening the “sliding door”

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